The Nature of Things in Eternity

If I think about it again

Master List of my Fic
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Spider Man/Ender's Game
A Self-Made Man
Summary: Peter Parker goes to Battle School
Characters: Peter Parker, MJ, Uncle Ben, Alai, Bonzo Madrid
Word Count: 2,078

All of my Doctor Who Fanfic can be found here

Various Commentfic

And a meme in which I asked people to request drabbles for me
Fic I never wrote Meme is here

I Surrender MemeCollapse )

NarniaCollapse )

The Things They Carried/One Hundred Years of Solitude
Title: Shifting Fish
Fandoms: The Things They Carried, One Hundred Years of Solitude
Characters: Jimmy Cross, Ted Lavender, Tim O'Brien, Norman Bowker, Colonel Aureliano Buendia, Remedios Moscote
Word Count: 990
Summary: Presented as an extra chapter in The Things They Carried, this inserts Colonel Aureliano into Alpha Company and explores the significance of the gold fishes he made.

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