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Questions for my Shakespearean Friends
doorway (red)
1) Who wants to beta-read a story in which Horatio is an evil mastermind who messes everything up? It's about 4.5K and really needs some work.
2) Your thoughts on Gertrude, tell them to me. Ditto for Ophelia.
3) Draw connections between each of the four Henrys in Henry IV. I really want to know what other people think about them and if there's a world where Hal and Hotspur could have been friends.
3.5) Would you read a Siken-ish poem about them?
4) What do you think about Falstaff? Is he more than a buffoon?
5) How do the histories compare to what happened in real histories. I've only read Henry IV and Henry V, so I don't actually know that much about them, but don't let that stop you.
6) Any other thoughts about the bard and his works are much appreciated.


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3.5) Would you read a Siken-ish poem about them?


I wish I could beta but I am so rusty on Hamlet and trying to be all responsible and get things done this week! BUT I HAD TO CHIME IN TO SUPPORT SIKENISH POEMS <3

I see your Peter/Rock and raise you a front view and an Edmund.

Posted! I hope you enjoy it.

Susan is joining the icon partyyy :D

I have no more Narnia (shame on me) but have some Romeo and Juliet about to kiss

I also ran out of Narnia icons. yay adorable! this is one of sam and dean about to kiss

this is the shoe that sam lost

creeping through your posts in proper new-lj-friend manner and omg omg this post.

SHAKESPEARE FANFIC IS A THING I ALWAYS WANT AND AM ALWAYS SCARED TO LOOK FOR. I am opening this Siken-ish Henry IV/V poem in a new tab and I am going to read it tomorrow and then I will be back to squeal all over you.

I'm so excited to see what you'll say about it, no lie!

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