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meme from lost_spook
In 2012, lizzie_marie_23 resolves to...
Give up chorus.
Put fifty bubbles a month into my savings account.
Tell my family about white elephants.
Admit my true feelings to caramelsilver.
Ask my boss for a fanfiction.
Take crantz writing.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

yes, these are fairly accurate, if by white elephants you mean mountains, and I think caramelsilver already knows my true feelings. In case she doesn't: You are my BOF and fill my life with so much joy and I'm delighted to know you.

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YAYYAYYAY! Mutually assured Boffing! (shut up, it's a word).

Today in class, we learned that Norway is the number one exporter of salmon and is apparently running out of butter. Can you verify or deny these statements?

Also, I don't know if I've mentioned this to you enough, but I'm going to Chile tomorrow! I'm so excited, and of course I'll try to get in touch at least once.

I can verify that this Christmas there has been a very serious butter crisis (she said with a straight face. You may laugh, but I assure you, the housewives of Norway are not!) I think it's still ongoing, but since the Holiday season is over, the hysteria has passed ;)

And yes, we export a shitload of fish! :P


I will definitely get a card or something for you while I'm in Santiago, but I'll wait to send it until I get back to the States. Chile used to be second only to Norway in fish exports, but then they overcrowded them and a virus wiped out half the fish farms. about 15000 people were laid off after that. So it'll be interesting to see what that did to the community.

Anyway, enough history from me <3

:lol: Love the 50 bubbles a month into your savings account!

Oh, and, Shakespeare progress so far for 2012: have watched Kulius Caesar and obtained Henry IV Pt 2. :-)

"Kulius Caesar"? Is that the Indian version? Actually that would be very cool... but anyway, good for you and your Shakespeare forays. I'm doing an art project where each character from Hamlet is a different artist/art style. So you have Claudius Monet, Dada Hamlet and his son Surrealism, Ophelia Degas, and all the rest.

And a very happy new year.

Apparently my typing hasn't improved. :-/ No, it was just the BBC version & nothing quite so exotic, but I liked it very much. I watched it twice in a row.

That sounds cool - oh, and good luck with your upcoming adventures!

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