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Story Requests
Hello, darling l-j-ers!
I have returned to my home base, if briefly, to tell you that I still exist and appreciate all of you.

If anyone wants to request a story/ficlet from me, this is the place to do it. Or, ask for a timestamp of one of my earlier stories. Or do that thing where you tell me about your favorite story I never wrote. I'm not picky, I just want to write.

Also, I'm looking for some stories I read once and then lost track of:
Draco Malfoy plays the piano and falls for Ron Weasley
Lupin watches rats to see if he can find Pettigrew
Peter and the many definitions of "rat"
Laertes and a fever dream style story featuring the phrase "Hamlet! Oh, God, Hamlet!"
Jadis in the desert

Love you!

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Do you, perhaps, ship Henry/Montjoy (the herald) from Henry V? If so anything involving them would be brilliant, especially if it involves cracky roadtrips and at least one instance of Montjoy facepalming. :DDD

If not... Hmmm, Iago/Desdemona from Othello in any AU setting? E.G: space, modern day, genderswap, anything else that occurs to you! :D

I may end up filling both of those because MONTJOY. I also enjoy writing road trip fics, so this should be fun.

How AU are you willing to go? Because I recently had a dream that's sorta about Desdemona and Iago melded into one body and being demonic and quite frankly REALLY FUCKING SCARY. It's barely even Othello at all, but I could adapt it into a story if you'd like.

Tennis-Balls (Henry/Montjoy)

“Tell him I’ll send back cannonballs”

Montjoy has to respect this Englishman who takes offense calmly.

He hates to bring bad news, but he still takes a childish gift to England. To Henry’s unending credit, he does not shoot the messenger.

More than anything, Montjoy wants to apologize for the behavior of his lord, the Dauphin. It shows bad form to bring up an argument that was settled years ago. Still, he knows where his loyalties ought to lie. He cannot look in Henry’s eyes as he answers “tennis-balls, sir.”

A man not yet a king plays dangerous games of diplomacy as he reminds his neighbor of his wild days. A man no longer a ruffian bites back his initial response and plays games of logic in his head. The messenger watches his eyes flicker as he rackets words back and forth and formulates an answer worthy of two kings.

Harry does not want to invade another country. He does not want to be remembered as the son of a man who dared to kill a king. He weighs his options on this scale and comes to one conclusion – cannonballs.

“Oh, and Montjoy?” The Frenchman turns. “The score stands love-love, your serve.”

Montjoy smiles and gives a little nod. “You’d better prepare yourself, sir. I have a strong arm.” And then he’s disappeared with the shadow of a darkening church.

With a sigh, Henry returns to wargames.

Oh, I want to leave Shakespeare prompts, too! I have not useful, specific things, though. But by and large, though I don't really mind which ships, if ships there are (Shakespeare is just rather wonderfully random about such things), I'm no good on reading explicit things.

But otherwise, I have continued to watch more Shakespeare while you weren't here (and, lo, it is marvellous).

So anything from HenryIVs and Henry V (still haven't got Richard II). (I know you wrote that lovely bit about all the Henries).

And if you know/would like to write any of the others, then:
Julius Caesar - anything with everyone being devious, or Brutus and Cassius
As You Like It - I loved Jaques. (I want him to turn back up and rain on their happy endings. In a nice way. Or why he wants to go off with the evil Duke. And because I have only seen the BBC versions of most of these, yes. The BBC have made me love Richard Pasco unreasonably. I don't know what happened there.)
Richard III - I don't know what - maybe the four queens, or Richard himself. Or anything.

(Here are the others I have seen now; I would love anything, except from All's Well That Ends Well, because the BBC version annoyed me. Even though it was the one that won all the BAFTAS. I have bad taste.) Measure for Measure, King Lear, Merchant of Venice, Two Gentleman of Verona, Cymbeline, obviously those mentioned above. And I already know & love Much Ado & Twelfth Night. I have not yet watched Hamlet, though, sorry.)

Anyway, it's nice to see you - hope you are well!

You are so much more well-read than I am! I've only read the Henry Histories and Julius Caesar, plus a bunch (not all) of the comedies. Still, I'm ahead of you when it comes to Hamlet. Am I allowed to gloat about that?
I'll get a story written for you as promptly as possible.

Hope you are also well.

Oh, you can gloat. I haven't actually read them - I've just been watching my way through the BBC Shakespeare. Which is at least more complete than most, so I can feel entitled to a reasonable opinion on those now - and am prepared to read them when I can, and see more versions. :-)

(I am collecting the texts as best as I can, but they don't necessarily match up with the DVDs as yet. It's all hit and miss and what I can get my hands on for the cheapest price!)

The Henries and Julius Caesar were exceptionally good, though. Mind you, I rather liked a lot of them a lot.

\o/ fic!

I'm doing a lot better than I was last time you were around, but still ill and plodding onwards! With added Shakespeare, though...

The Double B Special Duet

Beatrice loved nothing more than an argument.
There was nothing Benedick loved more than an argument.
It was the joyous dance of words and their meanings that appealed to her.
He loved how the words and meanings seemed to dance around each other.
She would never forget the day she met the perfect conversational partner.
As soon as he met Beatrice, he knew that he had found the best person to argue with EVER!!!
Of course, she tried to hide her pleasure because she knew it would make him grumpy and barb-tongued.
Her anger cut across him like thorns – it made him so happy inside.
She bought a dog so it could bark at any man who dared to say he loved her.
He laughed at her dog when it barked at him as though he were a crow.
She overheard Benedick’s friends, worried that he was lonely.
While eavesdropping, he heard Hero discussing his great friend’s loneliness.
She sat on the swing for a long time and watched images of married life reflected in the sunset.
He frolicked *cough cough* walked through the fountain while pictures of wedding veils danced in his head.
Ideas of romance were banished from her imagination when Claudio was a bitter bitch.
Benedick wondered at his love’s sudden distance.
She worried about her cousin and realized that only one person could help her now.
When she came to him for help, he knew who he really cared for more.
After plans and misdirections were revealed, Beatrice was shocked to discover that she still loved Benedick.
There was not a trace of doubt in Benedick’s mind – now he’s a believer.
She shook her head in dismay and made him promise he’d never subject her to his poetry again.
He smiled and promptly began to sing.
And they bickered long into the night – a perfect honeymoon.
Their honeymoon was made complete by the bickering that lasted well into the early hours of the morning.

(I'm also working on a longer Twelfth Night story for you)

Re: The Double B Special Duet

Aw, thanks! I love this; it made me grin. Especially:

It was the joyous dance of words and their meanings that appealed to her.

(Also, your Henry V one above is v nice, too.)

As promised, I wrote a Twelfth Night story for you. It became much much longer than I expected, so you can find it at

Also, it's been a really long time since I've used lj, so I forget how to embed links and make them pretty. Can you give me a refresher course?


And, as for the html - as below, only remove the spaces before/after the <

< a href=htmlgoeshere > My Link < /a >

Jadis in the desert must have been Lass's fic! , right? I'm afraid I don't know any of the other ones, though I feel like I once read a fic like "Draco Malfoy plays the piano and falls for Ron Weasley" a long long time ago.

Yes, that's the one! Would you like me to write you a story too?

Oh gosh, I hadn't even thought of it. I don't read that much anymore? Though I just saw a great gifset of Edmund Pevensie from LWW that unearthed my feelings about doing terrible things and forgiveness and stuff like that. You should see it!

Anyway, if you wanted to be prompted to write, there is that :) are you on summer break? how's it going?

Hello, from forever in the future! I've mostly migrated to Tumblr, but I recently found that story about Draco playing the piano, and I thought I'd share.

general update on my life -- I graduated college in May, I'm sharing an apartment with a group of friends, I have a queerplatonic partner who's still a senior but once she graduates we'll live together, I've started identifying as genderfluid, I had an internship at Victory Gardens Theater over the summer and now I'm stage managing a Halloween show in my church basement.

hope all is well for you!

!! wonderful to hear from you! congratulations on graduating and on your partner and apartment with friends - generally life sounds wonderful! stage managing a Halloween show! :DD I am also mostly on tumblr, currently halloween url at zombiesuchil - you don't have to follow back but I'd love to keep up with you in fandom still! <3 May I ask, what are your preferred pronouns?

Oh, I'd love to follow you back! I'm lizardrosen, and will probably never change that url.
The show is called Seance, which is conducted by Madam Astor, "a huckster but with genuine powers" so things go about as well as you might expect. I manage the sound and light boards and also got to give the director some dramaturgical input, so it's been pretty great.
I believe you're the first person who's ever asked my preferred pronouns! I'm fine with she/her, but I'm tentatively trying out sie/hir, which seems to fit me pretty well.

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