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Happy fun Letter Meme!
Lemony Snicket
You know the drill. Comment and I'll give you a letter. Post about ten things you enjoy starting with that letter

lost_spook gave me L

1) Leaves!
Autumn is my favorite time of year because all the leaves change color and make the world a brighter place to be. Of course, when they're done being beautiful, they're dead, but that's true of many things.

2) Letters!
I am a huge fan of snail-mail correspondence. I have several pen pals in different states and countries and I treasure every single one of them. There's something beautiful and personal about seeing another person's handwriting and the way they talk to you when it's only for your eyes. If you want a letter from me, PM me and I'll write something up for you.

3) Lizards!
When I was little I used to go by the nick name Lizard Breath. It never really caught on, but I still think those reptiles are fantastic.

4) Little Lion Man
This song is the reason I love Mumford and Sons. It's so harsh and unapologetic and doesn't shy away from admitting that it's the narrator's fault. And yet it's hopeful too, in a way. Beautiful!

5) Laertes!
There's a place in the world for this angry young man. He's so strong and loyal and wonderful. Everything he did in that play was for honor and an attempt to determine his part in events. I never paid him much mind while reading Hamlet until I saw how beautifully gileonnen portrays him. Little Lion Man is my theme song for him.

6) Latin America!
I first got interested in the history back in my senior year of high school when we did a comparative study of Latin American and North American histories. I adore all the revolutionaries and the questions that come with their actions. And that same summer I took a church trip to Mexico City and fell even more in love with everything about the culture and life and delight.

7) Languages!
I love the way words work, and how they evolve through time, and the tiny things that are similar and yet so different. When I was younger I was certain I'd become a linguist and learn how they began and are continuing to change.

8) Legends and Lore!
I'm fascinated by truth, lies, and the stories that form us. As humans we are makers of meaning, so the fables we create are important to our identities. One of my favorites is Johnny Appleseed, both the myth we've built up around him and the man himself.

9) Lake Michigan!
I come from Chicago and to me, this lake is home. It's comforting to be able to look out one of the buildings and see a huge body of water in the distance, right by the skyline. Just the fact that I could get on any train and be there within an hour is wonderful.

10) Life!
Perhaps this is a copout, but I really do love life and the little things of living. What would I be without it?

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That's an interesting list of things. :-) And no, life's not a copout - how could it be?

I like a lot of things, which is why I'm having so much trouble picking a major. And by life being a copout, I just meant that I couldn't think of a last thing for the list so I chose something huge and overarching and wonderful.

I've already given you a letter! :)

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