The Nature of Things in Eternity

If I think about it again

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Song Meme
You all know the rules. Some of these are super obscure and for some reason I had three artists repeated. I don't even know. Good luck!
  1. There used to be a great tower alone on the sea
  2. All these things that I have done, the hours I have spent
  3. I don’t know what I said or what you heard/ Can’t say if you will or if I would
  4. [not the first lines] Chasing through the cold December nights, one foot on the sidewalk, one foot in the sky
  5. I can understand you’re living in a prison/ I know you can only see me as a vision
  6. We owe this breeze to the power. We owe this shade to the tree.
  7. Broken leaves, dead flowers fill me up inside
  8. Headed out into my desert/ All alone and thirsty for something more
  9. Take away the sensation inside, bitter sweet migraine in my head
  10.  [not first line] Workers have taken over your Holiday
  11. The snakeskin bracelet on your wrist always came undone.
  12.  I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re happy now. Defying Gravity from Wicked - guessed by ayascythe
  13. My heart is beating from me. I am standing all alone.
  14.  Now we are ready to head for the horn, wey-hey roll and go.
  15. Give me some love, give me some love, give me some, I want you to know.
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12. I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re happy now.
Would that be Defying Gravity from Wicked?

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