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My triumphant return
So it's been not quite four months since I last posted on livejournal. I've been busy with stuff and nonsense and then my computer had an existential crisis. Tell me about yourself now. Ask me questions, make me write stories, whatever. I'm open.

I adore everyone.

oh yeah, and it's my birthday. go figure.

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Happy Birthday!!!

As a fellow owner of a computer in inexplicable crisis mode, I sympathize with you. I hope yours is all fixed now!

Thank you!

It looks like it's going to be okay. Except I haven't gotten my documents and pictures back yet. They thought I wanted all the videos too and wanted me to pay an extra sixty dollars. But that's going to be okay too. Probably.

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!

I trust you are well, and hope your pc recovers soon, too. (I can report 7 further Shakespeare plays watched since last we met, so I'm not doing too badly!)

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